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Reenacting The Liberation of Our People

From Artist Mark Tribe organised a public reenactment of a speech originally given by activist and Black Panther Party member Angela Davis at DeFremery Park in Oakland, California on November 12, 1969. Davis makes the case for a united movement that links imperialism abroad with domestic oppression. She calls for the withdrawal of U.S. […]

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Code Rush

(1) wikipedia: Code Rush is a 1998 documentary following the lives of a group of Netscape engineers in Silicon Valley. It was shot during a time of flagging company fortunes, the initial release of the Mozilla code as an open source project, and the friction of an impending AOL-Netscape merger. The documentary depicts Netscape programmers […]

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Splitscreen Kdenlive

A bit jealous of Michaels beautiful Royal Splitscreen Xmas film, I ran a small test myself of the description how to produce a split screen in Kdenlive.

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For immediate redistribution

20 open source movies, that can immediately be re-edited and -distributed. (From

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Vrolijk Kerstfeest / Joyeux Noël

Vrolijk Kerstfeest / Joyeux Noël from Michael Murtaugh on Vimeo.

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Remix Cinema workshop

March 24-25, 2011, University of Oxford, UK Welcome to Remix Cinema: the collaborative making, deconstruction and distribution of digital artefacts, a workshop exploring the role of audio-visual remix practices in contemporary digital culture. Organised by the Oxford Internet Institute – OII (University of Oxford) in collaboration with UNIA Prácticas y Culturas Digitales (Universidad Internacional de […]

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Unlogo, the Corporate Identity Media Filter

. Something to look out for: A promising project that is still in a very early stage. Unlogo is a web service that eliminates logos and other corporate signage from videos. On a practical level, it takes back your personal media from the corporations and advertisers. On a technical level, it is a really cool […]

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St-Gillis in Motion

Motion script “st-gillis” #1 from Michael Murtaugh on Vimeo. We started posting some clips made in the group meetings to the ‘Osvideo’ group on Vimeo. Here’s two of them made on september 11, made with Motion, which selects the parts of an image in which motion is detected, and Python to draw the images as […]

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Buy cheap copies !

Article in La Liberation on the intervention of artist Tania Bruguera who sells copies from video’s from the Centre Pompidou collection in the streets during exhibition Voir / Revoir. Read article in French Below a French to English machine translation

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Pioneer One

An object in the sky spreads radiation over North America. Fearing terrorism, U.S. Homeland Security agents are dispatched to investigate and contain the damage. What they discover will have implications for the entire world. Pioneer One is the first ever ‘made for torrent’ series. Pioneer One is the latest project from Josh Bernhard and Bracey […]

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