Libre Video Lab

You might have noticed that OSvideo activities has shifted in lower gear. If you are interested anything concerning video production with F/LOSS tools and mentalities, please register and post to the osvideo mailing list. The info below is a bit dated, we leave it here for info’s sake. However, for many, Open Source + Video is still a passion which flames up once in a while so don’t hesitate to drop us a line.


Between summer 2011 and 2014 osvideo had a collective workspace in Constant Variable, a Free Libre Open Source Arts Lab , organised by Constant, in Schaerbeek, Brussels. In this Libre Video Lab, we offered access to a fast Linux computer that was equipped with video editing softwares such as Cinelerra and many other open source tools. Artists, video-lovers, cinema-freaks and cultural producers of all sorts who are curious for working with semi-professional open source software are welcome to use this collective machine.

The computer was built during a Cinelerra workshop that was organised by Constant, following the hardware specifications recommended at the time.

We use the Community Version of Cinelerra because we support the idea that software is a collective enterprise to which users, developers, artists, and all parties involved contribute with specific professional expertise, various desires and engagements. Cinelerra-CV offers support through a mailinglist, that contains valuable info for anyone working with the software. Read more on the Cinelerra-CV website.

Lately attention has shifted away from this software towards other ways of dealing with video, trough scripts or softwares such as PureData and Processing. As a timeline edit tool, Kdenlive has moved into focus.

The studio and Variable were supported by the VGC in Brussels.