Splitscreen Kdenlive

A bit jealous of Michaels beautiful Royal Splitscreen Xmas film,
I ran a small test myself of the description how to produce a split screen in Kdenlive.

For a split screen effect:
1. Place your first video on track 1. Place your second video on track 2 underneath it.
2. Add a transition and stretch to the full duration of your videos.
3. Click on the transition, change it to Composite. Scroll down beneath the red box…beneath Alpha Channel Operations…go down to where it says Wipe File.
Choose the wipe “linear_x.pgm”.
4. Go back up. The Opacity setting no longer controls opacity, but rather the percentage of the Wipe. For instance, an Opacity setting of 50 will actually freeze the wipe at 50 percent, showing half of track 1 on one side and half of track 2 on the other…..a setting of 70 will freeze the wipe at 70 percent.
5. Adjust the softness of the wipe to make the transition smoother.

For a classic horizontal or vertical splitscreen it’s fairly straight forward, and works well. I couldn’t find how to shift the two video’s to the left and right, the only way to get the images placed more or less the way I wanted was to play with enlarging them and then recenter the clips. In the Pan and Zoom effect, choose ‘Resize – custom‘, and then play with the ‘Align’ options in the same effect.

The resulting video is here:

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