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live editing online?

I was thinking on the problem of navigating interviews in AIAN files. There are some key words that could define the navigation, or “key images” (like somebody handling pictures, or taking them from a box etc..) Actually “key behaviors”. Of course it happens in several movies and I wonder if is there any possibility to […]

AIAN, Collaborative filming

Licence + protection

As a follow-up to Jorge’s post. I think he is right in this: licence and enforcement are two separate things. Suppose a common scenario for documentaries. People accept that you film them because you have a certain relationship with them: they trust you. They trust that you will respect the meaning of their words and […]

AIAN, Copyrights and licenses

Are we all Capotes?

There is a problem that I think is interesting to discuss here. All interviews with photo owners are to be used only for AIAN. They gave authorization only for that. Of course I am the author of all that material, and I can protect it with copyright or c.c. but they are on line. Which […]

AIAN, Copyrights and licenses