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Kaltura 1.0

Hi, I’m excited to update you that today we have officially launched our open source video module for Drupal, a leading open source Content Management Platform used by more than a million sites. Kaltura’s All in One Video Module enables Drupal site-builders to easily add video and rich-media functionalities to their Drupal sites. The module […]

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Advene (Annotate Digital Video, Exchange on the NEt)

Advene (Annotate Digital Video, Exchange on the NEt) is an ongoing project in the LIRIS laboratory (UMR 5205 CNRS) at University Claude Bernard Lyon 1. It aims at providing a model and a format to share annotations about digital video documents (movies, courses, conferences…), as well as tools to edit and visualize the hypervideos generated […]

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The 0xdb is a film database which collects metadata, provides citations, analyzes and contextualizes different types of media, and makes both the information it gathers and the tools it employs available for personal, non-commercial use. It uses a variety of publicly accessible resources, like search engines and file-sharing networks, to automatically collect information about, and […]

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Friday 18 january, Michael Smolens, Founder and CEO of DotSub gave the fastest pitch ever during the Video Vortex event in Amsterdam. dotSUB is an online tool which facilitates easy transcription and translating of subtitles. I uploaded a short clip to have a go at it. Feel free to log in and play with it, […]

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Open source pre-production

   ” Celtx has all the tools you need to write, organize and collaborate in one modern, Internet friendly, free software application. It’s the most complete media pre-production software program available anywhere, at any cost.” Celtx is released under a license close to the Mozilla Public License. With some restrictions added. If you want to […]

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Transcriber is a simple but handy tool to transcribe audiofiles. See homepage Transcriber is a tool for assisting the manual annotation of speech signals. It provides a user-friendly graphical user interface for segmenting long duration speech recordings, transcribing them, and labeling speech turns, topic changes and acoustic conditions. It is more specifically designed for the […]

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FOSS Codecs for Online Video

FOSS Codecs for Online Video: Usability, Uptake and Development An excellent overview of the best available tools for the creation, playback and embedding of online video using Free and Open Source Software video codecs, and a set of recommendations for development to enhance their adoption by social change video projects on the web. Input was […]

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Media streams: an iconic visual language for video annotation

I guess this post catogorises as ‘Annotation memorabilia’, posted here not so much because of its actuality, but for archiving sake. As contribution to magazine Telektronikk 4.93: Cyberspace, Marc Davis introduced an iconographic system for the representation of video-content. This system; Media Streams, is written in the beginning of the nineties. Departing from the assumption […]

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Search & Edit

Michael Murtaugh wrote a script which allows you to edit video sequences based on keywords in a subtitle file. The script uses videogrep, searches for words in the subtitle file, creates an Edit Decision List and plays the file in Mplayer. This way you can search through video files and make content accessible through comments, […]

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Annotations tools

From Peter: a shrtlst of annotationtools we could have a look at

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