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Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages

APPEL A FILMS SAUVAGES ! jusqu’au 30 mars 2017 Inscriptions des films en ligne : Le Festival Mondial des Cinémas Sauvages veut montrer des films libres dans leurs manières de se fabriquer, libres dans leurs manières d’être diffusés. Pas de critères de durée, de genre, de date de réalisation, de nationalité, de support (nous […]

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TPC The Pirate Cinema

In the context of omnipresent telecommunications surveillance, “The Pirate Cinema” reveals the hidden activity and geography of Peer-to-Peer file sharing. The project is presented as a monitoring room, which shows Peer-to-Peer transfers happening in real time on networks using the BitTorrent protocol. The installation produces an arbitrary cut-up of the files currently being exchanged. Users […]

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Mathilde’s Misses

“Mathilde’s Misses” is a documentary by Pieter De Vos, that tells the story of three ladies participating in the world’s first beauty pageant for homeless women. Mathilde organizes the world’s very first Miss Homeless pageant. Fifteen women compete for the main prize: one year rent-free housing. Pascale hopes to win the house, in order to […]

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Alÿs Reel-Unreel

Download the most recent video from Francis Alÿs here: All video’s (but some) are under Creative Commons / share alike / non commercial. Reel-Unreel, in collaboration with Julien Devaux and Ajmal Maiwandi, was commissioned by Documenta 13. Kids role reels of film through the streets. “In 2001 the Taliban burned films from the Afghan […]

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Kids test Toonloop

Two small video’s to show the fun kid of the Prinses Paolaschool in Molenbeek / Brussels had while testing the live stop-motion software Toonloop. Toonloop developer Alexandre Quessy was guest at BEAM, the Multi-Media Atelier of JES Brussels.

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Toonloop performance

On the occasion of Libre Graphics Unit, Alexandre Quessy demonstrated Toonloop, the open source animation software he develops in FoAM in Brussels on friday 24, 2012. Here’s a video impression of the evening: Your browser does not support the video tag.

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Open Source Body

Laïa Sadurni carried out a ‘Open Source Body’ workshop in the framework of Constant’s contribution to the 2012 Artefact festival in STUK Leuven. Below a link to some rough video material. Your browser does not support the video tag.

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Radical Video Library Radical Video Library is a non-profit D.I.Y. project, that has put as its goal to spread the word in form of “the video”. We will try to bring here various genres from different perspectives and subcultures. We try to focus especially on anarchy, protests, riots, ecology, animal liberation, peak oil, antifascist struggle, human rights […]

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Open Freely Available (and sometimes) Freely Usable Video

The EU screen website “aims to promote the use of television content to explore Europe’s rich and diverse cultural history. It will create access to over 30,000 items of programme content and information, and it will prove valuable to the widest range of cultural, educational and recreational users.” All the video’s are posted under the […]

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Open Source Video ?

On 22 september, we showed some films in our freshly opened Libre Video Lab, which is part of Constant Variable, Constant’s new lab building dedicated to F/LOSS art, on Rue Gallait 80 in Schaarbeek, Brussels. We showed some video’s that were in their own way give meaning to the ‘open’ in ‘open source’ video. The […]

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