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R+R streaming walks

As part of the exhibition Place@Space in art center Z33 I have made a ‘Routes + Routines’ installation and organise some walks that are streamed and can be viewed in the exhibition room. Clips from the stream are added to a random ‘film’ that is subtitled by a choice from quotes and citations from legal […]

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Sending a stream (graphical interface) 2

Theorur is a GUI for Ogg/Theora streaming (icecast2 system), written using gtk2, under GLPv2, by Rafael Diniz, that needs: – dvgrab – ffmpeg2theora >= 0.17 – oggfwd >= 0.2


Sending a stream (graphical interface) 1

Using Theora Streaming Studio. The theora streaming studio is a graphical interface on top of the ffmpeg2theora software.


Sending a stream (command line)

Streaming with the command line: $ dvgrab –format raw – | ffmpeg2theora -a0 -v5 -fdv -x320 -y240 -o /dev/stdout – | oggfwd 8000 hackme /tcvi.ogg This translates as: take the raw input of the attached device (typically a digital camera), pass it to the program ffmpeg2theora that will create a video flux with a […]