Unlogo, the Corporate Identity Media Filter


Something to look out for: A promising project that is still in a very early stage.

Unlogo is a web service that eliminates logos and other corporate signage from videos. On a practical level, it takes back your personal media from the corporations and advertisers. On a technical level, it is a really cool combination of some brand new OpenCV and FFMPEG functionality. On a poetic level, it is a tool for focusing on what is important in the record of your life rather than the ubiquitous messages that advertisers want you to focus on.

Unlogo is an FFMPEG AVFilter that attempts to block out corporate logos using OpenCV 2.1 and an awesome ‘plugin’ framework for FFMPEG developed by Michael Droese. Thanks to open licensing it can borrow some good ideas from neighbouring projects. (Check also Julien Oliviers project The Artvertiser)

More on planning, code development: http://code.google.com/p/unlogo/

The project needs your money. If you feel like donating; there is a Kickstarter campaign running to fund the project.

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