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Webm in – H264 out

From “The WebM project – a VP8 video stream and a Vorbis audio stream wrapped in a Matroska container re-branded as a WebM container – launched by Google, openly supported by every major chip maker, is going to be the major codec for Google’s Chrome web browser. Yes, Google is dropping H264 support from […]

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Open letter to Google: free VP8, and use it on YouTube Open letter to Google: free VP8, and use it on YouTube

The Theora codec is derived from the proprietary VP3 codec, released into the public domain by On2 Technologies. Google has now bought the On2 company. The Free Software Foundation has published an open letter to Google: “With its purchase of the On2 video compression technology company having been completed on Wednesday February 16, 2010, Google […]

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Zittrain: Here Comes Everybody An ogg/vorbis bootleg recording of Jonathan Zittrain’s talk Here Comes Everybody. In this entertaining yet serious speech Zittrain addresses social political aspects of video on the web, the need to consider local mesh network strategies, the power of ISP’s. Where is ‘here’ in the cloud of the web? What is the positive and negative […]

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Video tag in Firefox, an update

Spotted by Pierre Huyghebaert on It was my last day at ISEA 2008 in Singapore and we were supposed to have a dinner with noborder/no one is illegal activists and the panelists of the bordercrossing theme, when jaromil came down the street smiling all over the face: “I have great news” he screamed. “Firefox […]

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Removal of Ogg Vorbis and Theora from HTML5

In a previous post, we were enthusiastic about the new developments of html5 that would include the video tag and its implementation in the royalty-free format ogg/vorbis. But: “As some of you may be aware, the WHATWG has dropped the recommendation for Theora and Vorbis in the video/audio section of the HTML 5 specification. Many […]

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