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Zittrain: Here Comes Everybody An ogg/vorbis bootleg recording of Jonathan Zittrain’s talk Here Comes Everybody. In this entertaining yet serious speech Zittrain addresses social political aspects of video on the web, the need to consider local mesh network strategies, the power of ISP’s. Where is ‘here’ in the cloud of the web? What is the positive and negative […]

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Copy Remix Steal Here’s an audio recording of the discussion by the (co)directors of three of the best known documentaries about filesharing: Henrik Moltke (Good Copy Bad Copy), Bratt Gaylor (RIP A Remix manifesto) and Jamie King (Steal this film) that took place during the Open Video Conference Does making a film about sharing mean you should […]

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Matt Mason: cash + piracy

Attended this nice talk by Matt Mason at the Open Video Conference. Listen or download this recording in ogg/vorbis Mason wrote the Pirate’s Dillema and his talk was basically an outline of that book. He speaks about the remix as marketing tool, an wonders how business models can be developed after the model of piracy. […]

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Yochai Benkler: democratic media

Seen at the Open Video Conference: Yochai Benkler’s keynote introducing the conference. A warm felt plea for collaboration, exchange and a democratisation of media. And one of the few presentations that were launched from a Linux system. Here’s a bootleg audio reording from a heavily echoing NYU law school auditorium. If you prefer to […]

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Gabriella Coleman: The Politics and Poetics of DeCSS

Witnessed during the Open Video Conference in NY, 19 june 09, The Politics and Poetics of DeCSS: Featured Talk – (5:25 PM – 5:45 PM) Here’s an audiorecording in ogg/vorbis of the firy and energising talk given by Gabriella Coleman on the moral and ethical importance of the DeCSS tool. She makes beautiful links between […]

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Interview Raffaella Traniello

Raffaella Traniello is a Venice based videolover and teacher. She is an active member of the Cinelerra and Lumièra communities and worked on several handbooks that testify of her enthusiasm for working with free software. Following Q+A attempts to unfold some of her energetic activities.

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Televisie ‘kijken’ is een mensenrecht

Source: newspaper De Standaard dinsdag 03 maart 2009 OOK BLINDEN HEBBEN RECHT OP TELEVISIE Omdat televisie ‘kijken’ een mensenrecht is, moeten de Vlaamse omroepen hun programma’s ook toegankelijk maken voor doven en blinden. Er ligt een voorstel van decreet op tafel. In Vlaanderen leven zo’n 800.00 mensen met een auditieve en bijna 200.000 mensen met […]

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Harley Totally Busted

Ross Rudesch Harley contributes an article titled “From Open Circuits to Open Distribution: Can Video Artists Adopt FLOSS Strategies as their own?” to FLOSS+ART , an indispensible resource book for artists interested in Free Software, published by OpenMute and edited by Goto10 FlOSS+ART “critically reflects on the growing relationship between Free Software ideology, open content […]

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