Metavid interface screenshot

Still in early stage of development but let’s keep an eye on it.

About MetavidMetavid is a project which seeks to capture, stream, archive and facilitate real-time collective [re]mediation of government proceedings. Metavid makes use of entirely free and open source software and video codecs to make both the footage and the architecture of the site available, accessible and recontextualizable.

What does Metavid do?Metavid starts by capturing audio, video, close caption and ocr on-screen text from the cable broadcasts of the house and senate. It then compresses the video with the open source video codec theora. Metavid then inserts these video files along with the close caption text into the metavid database. Participants then build overlays to interact with the dataset in meaningful ways given their perspective be it art, research, or political commentary. We are currently in the “building infrastructure” for participation stage. The archive is web accessible and the interface for participation is under heavy development.

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