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Lightworks OS in progress

From the Lightworks website “As we announced in 2010, our commitment is to make Lightworks an Open Source project. Naturally, there are many legal issues and complications in doing so with a product that has over 20 years’ history.” “We’re happy to report that we are making huge strides towards completing porting Lightworks to Linux […]

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After hearing enthusiastic reports of colleagues who saw a demonstration of Toonloop during the Libre Graphics Meeting, I was curious to find out more. I installed it, worked a bit with it, and I have to say: not often am I thrilled by new software for video on GNU-Linux, but this time: Ooh yes! Toonloop […]

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Technology Archivists step in as Google Video shuts down for good

(From Wired) Google is sending its first video-sharing service to the scrapheap. On 29 April, 2011, files hosted on Google Video will no longer play, and on 13 May the service will be shut down entirely when all its videos will be wiped from the web. Full article


Webm in – H264 out

From “The WebM project – a VP8 video stream and a Vorbis audio stream wrapped in a Matroska container re-branded as a WebM container – launched by Google, openly supported by every major chip maker, is going to be the major codec for Google’s Chrome web browser. Yes, Google is dropping H264 support from […]

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ERG Séminaire: Wajcman

From: Gérard Wajcman (F) jeudi 03 février 2011, 10h30 École de recherche graphique, 87 rue du Page – Bruxelles Ecrivain, psychanalyste, maître de conférences au département de psychanalyse de l’Université Paris 8, dirige le Centre d’Étude d’Histoire et de Théorie du Regard. Il est l’auteur notamment de : Le Maître et l’Hystérique, Navarin/Le Seuil, […]


html 5 video in wordpress

“ I am trying a few plugins for embedding html5 videotag in WordPress. Above is a .ogv playing natively with the help of the degradable-html5-audio-and-video plugin. The idea of the Degradable is sympathetic: The plugin enables HTML5 native playback for users with compatible browsers while offering an elegant degradation to other users through very lightweight […]

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For immediate redistribution

20 open source movies, that can immediately be re-edited and -distributed. (From

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9 video splitscreen

A simple way to combine multiple video’s on one screen. We looked around for simple tools to make a splitscreen in multiple parts, not just two, but with more fragments, so that the final result would be a checkerboard with small video’s. Unexpectedly it was hard to find. Finally, turned out it is a job […]

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VLC users survey

(from VideoLan News) VLC users survey 2010-12-16 The VideoLAN project and the VLC development team would love VLC users and community to help them in understanding the users and their needs. Please fill the VLC users survey. It is quick and is completely anonymous.


GPL workflow

The Apertus project aims to create a powerful, free and open (in terms of liberty) cinema camera that filmmakers love to use. The project is based on the Elphel open source camera. The Apertus website has a new sub site ‘about the research to achieve a 100% free software workflow to post-process video under Linux.’ […]

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