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CC Al Jazeera

Launch Press Release: Al Jazeera Announces Launch of Free Footage under Creative Commons License Doha Qatar – January 13, 2009: Al Jazeera Network today announced the world’s first repository of broadcast quality video footage released under the ‘Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution’ license. Select Al Jazeera video footage – at this time footage of the War […]

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The pearls you cast before swine make you seem alive

Committed to sharing her music via the net, Kristin Hersh is throwing her muses at us in unconventional ways. In this small manifesto she writes: I think I need to engage in a grassroots kind of capitalism, choosing principles over profits, values over image, ideals over marketing. I have to create a permeable membrane between […]

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OVL Saturday: Miro

We spent some saturday afternoon time installing the current version 1.2 of the Internet tv application Miro. Christina installed it on her G4 Power mac running Mac OSX 10.4.10 and I updated at the same time an old version Beta on my Linux Ubuntu box. After a smooth upate from the Synaptic package manager […]

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The 0xdb is a film database which collects metadata, provides citations, analyzes and contextualizes different types of media, and makes both the information it gathers and the tools it employs available for personal, non-commercial use. It uses a variety of publicly accessible resources, like search engines and file-sharing networks, to automatically collect information about, and […]

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The Open Video Project

(…) The purpose of the Open Video Project is to collect and make available a repository of digitized video content for the digital video, multimedia retrieval, digital library, and other research communities. (…) The Open Video Project is developed at the Interaction Design Laboratory at the School of Information and Library Science, University of North […]

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Annodex Saul Albert pointed us to Annodex, a Mozilla plugin. The plug-in is easily installed on OSX, Linux and Windows, and works on the basis of Theora files. Comments and links can be inserted and are displayed when you play the file in Firefox. The sample files look quite interesting; we are currently testing out […]

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Still in early stage of development but let’s keep an eye on it. About MetavidMetavid is a project which seeks to capture, stream, archive and facilitate real-time collective [re]mediation of government proceedings. Metavid makes use of entirely free and open source software and video codecs to make both the footage and the architecture of […]

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Below are images for each minute in the program.

[Enlarge] >> The website hosts collections of public domain movies. Before you download them, they give you an overview of the movie showing an image for each minute of the programme. A first step towards remote editing: if we have fragments, they can be easily edited to produce an animated gif. View online

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live editing online?

I was thinking on the problem of navigating interviews in AIAN files. There are some key words that could define the navigation, or “key images” (like somebody handling pictures, or taking them from a box etc..) Actually “key behaviors”. Of course it happens in several movies and I wonder if is there any possibility to […]

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Licence + protection

As a follow-up to Jorge’s post. I think he is right in this: licence and enforcement are two separate things. Suppose a common scenario for documentaries. People accept that you film them because you have a certain relationship with them: they trust you. They trust that you will respect the meaning of their words and […]

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