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Apertus O.S. camera project

“The goal of the Apertus: Open Source Cinema Project is to create a powerful free and open cinema camera that we as filmmakers love to use. The idea of using an Elphel camera for this particular purpose was born in 2006, found many followers over the years and ultimately resulted in this community driven project […]

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Elphel OS network camera

NC353L-369-HDD Elphel, Inc. provides high performance cameras based on free software and open hardware designs. “Freedom of the users of Elphel products is our top priority – we value and protect it with the GNU General Public License that covers all the Elphel software and hardware designs. This freedom extends from the convenience of the […]

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Frankencam Open Source SLR

Stanford photo scientists are out to reinvent digital photography with the introduction of an open-source digital camera, which will give programmers around the world the chance to create software that will teach cameras new tricks. Read article for Stanford University news by David Orenstein.

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Open Images

Open Images is an open media platform that offers online access to a selection of audiovisual archive material to stimulate creative reuse.

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Video tag in Dailymotion: Flash out the door

Download Firefox 3.5 beta next to your current browser, follow this link, and see a flash free version of Daily motion, which uses the html < video > tag instead of Flash.



Find here a short video-registration of the results of the Kaleidoscope workshop that took place in les Brigittines from 24-27th January. Info about the Kaleidoscope project can be found on the weblog Camera by Laurent Van Lancker, edited by Matthias Koole using Kino and Cinelerra. link to file:

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Imaginary property

When you are in Brussels between May 15 and June 07 2009, do not forget to check out the excellent program of Cinema Nova on Intellectual property and its alternatives. 16 days filled with great debates, demo’s, music, performances and films films films, including Osvid favorites such as: RIP: A remix manifesto, Sita sings the […]


Séance Vidéothèque Nomade Libre

Samedi 28 mars Barricade, centre culturel en résistance – 15/21 rue Pierreuse – Liège 19h30 – entrée libre Séance Vidéothèque Nomade La journée du libre commence à 14h et se poursuivra jusqu’à tard dans la nuit. Dans le cadre de cette journée l’asbl Barricade nous a proposé d’intervenir avec La Vidéothèque Nomade. Nous avons décidé […]

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Televisie ‘kijken’ is een mensenrecht

Source: newspaper De Standaard dinsdag 03 maart 2009 OOK BLINDEN HEBBEN RECHT OP TELEVISIE Omdat televisie ‘kijken’ een mensenrecht is, moeten de Vlaamse omroepen hun programma’s ook toegankelijk maken voor doven en blinden. Er ligt een voorstel van decreet op tafel. In Vlaanderen leven zo’n 800.00 mensen met een auditieve en bijna 200.000 mensen met […]

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Open Video Conference

Open Video Conference: call for proposals ** Submission deadline: March 19 ** We are now accepting proposals for panels, workshop sessions, demo sessions, and other programming for the inaugural Open Video Conference in New York. Join us and over 400 participants during our groundbreaking two-day conference and make your imprint on the online video space.  Visit […]