Kids test Toonloop

Two small video’s to show the fun kid of the Prinses Paolaschool in Molenbeek / Brussels had while testing the live stop-motion software Toonloop. Toonloop developer Alexandre Quessy was guest at BEAM, the Multi-Media Atelier of JES Brussels.

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Toonloop performance

On the occasion of Libre Graphics Unit, Alexandre Quessy demonstrated Toonloop, the open source animation software he develops in FoAM in Brussels on friday 24, 2012.

Here’s a video impression of the evening:

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Open Source Body

Laïa Sadurni carried out a ‘Open Source Body’ workshop in the framework of Constant’s contribution to the 2012 Artefact festival in STUK Leuven. Below a link to some rough video material.

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Cinelerra server @

During the Libre Graphics Research Unit that was organised by Constant in Brussels between 22 – 25 february 2012, Lisa Haskel talked about the Cinelerra server project connected to The idea is that multiple editors who all have the same assets on their local machines, share their edit decision lists:A simple way to make collaboration on a editing project possible.

Here’s the audio recording of the talk:

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Women in Fosdem

Fosdem, the Freedom and Open Source Developers Meeting in Brussels is coming up next weekend.

Maybe you met one of theses women last year:

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Radical Video Library

Radical Video Library is a non-profit D.I.Y. project, that has put as its goal to spread the word in form of “the video”. We will try to bring here various genres from different perspectives and subcultures. We try to focus especially on anarchy, protests, riots, ecology, animal liberation, peak oil, antifascist struggle, human rights and other liberation struggles – in the form of film, documentaries, music, presentations, pictures, zines,…for Download.
Do you like something you downloaded from this library? It can happen that the DLL links get deleted so I encourage you to UPLOAD these films or documentaries to other servers, so it will be available for download as long as possible.
Remember! The main purpose of this library is not to keep you in front of the computer screen!! The struggle is out there in the streets and forests of this lovely Earth!!!

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Open Freely Available (and sometimes) Freely Usable Video

The EU screen website “aims to promote the use of television content to explore Europe’s rich and diverse cultural history. It will create access to over 30,000 items of programme content and information, and it will prove valuable to the widest range of cultural, educational and recreational users.”

All the video’s are posted under the terms of the broadcast companies that own the copyrights, but general intellectual property rights rule is ‘rights restricted and ‘free access’, a term that is not further precised.

On the blog of the website a great list of open, freely available and sometimes freely usable video resources is published. The blogpost titled The Open Video Landscape: 90+ Web Sources You Might Have Missed explains how you can find video’s that are licensed as Creative Commons, it lists resources where you can find Video footage for Remix and Reuse of different types: collections of public domain films, educational sites and community projects.

“As copyright is being challenged in all domains (see our expanding list on IPR issues), how is online video earmarked (or not) for reuse? Giant steps have been made this year for the Creative Commons movement, as video giants YouTube and Vimeo give producers the ability to attach CC licenses to the content they upload. But while search giants Google and Yahoo do allow you to search for CC-licensed materials on the web and in image searches, finding CC video is still a bit harder. EUscreen is exploring how archive content can be made accessible broadly, whilst recognising the intellectual property rights of that content.”

“As all listings of “free” content, we would like to open with a brief note about what “free” means, especially with regard to “openness”. Some makers decided their work should be as open as possible, and use open technologies such as open source production materials for viewing and editing for the creation of their works. Other works are becoming available in the public domain or have been made available under a free-to-share license. While every work on this list is yours to see, not everything is therefore automatically “open” – or yours to pick up.”

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Open Source Video ?

On 22 september, we showed some films in our freshly opened Libre Video Lab, which is part of Constant Variable, Constant’s new lab building dedicated to F/LOSS art, on Rue Gallait 80 in Schaarbeek, Brussels.

We showed some video’s that were in their own way give meaning to the ‘open’ in ‘open source’ video. The shorts Interdit de filmer; Une Mer; Headwar and Pov Mec; by Sarah Pleak, aka Sarah Tohn are made using free softwares such as Kino and Cinelerra and open source codecs and are available under a free license (from:


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Comparison of video resolutions

Comparison of video resolutions. White background denotes resolutions with less than one million pixels. Illustration to Wikipedia article ‘Video’.

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Lightworks OS in progress

From the Lightworks website

“As we announced in 2010, our commitment is to make Lightworks an Open Source project. Naturally, there are many legal issues and complications in doing so with a product that has over 20 years’ history.”

“We’re happy to report that we are making huge strides towards completing porting Lightworks to Linux and Mac OSX and we’re aiming to have the first beta release available on 19th December 2011.”

“Free Members will continue to have unrestricted access to the free version of Lightworks and access to the Lightworks Community, with some limitations. Every current registered user will automatically become a Free Member.”

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