Zimmermann + Latrive

Jeremie Zimmermann and Florent Latrive talked during the debate ‘Are we all pirates’, part of the Imaginary Property program in Cinema Nova, Brussels.

“There is not a week going by without media attention for the dangers of “piracy”, which is depicted as an attack on creativity and innovation, an harassment of cultural heritage of authors and inventors. Because digital media permit cultural production on a mass scale, an artificial creation of scarcity is beneficial for commercial exploitation of cultural artefacts,” which is often disguised as a discourse about good and evil. An evening which promotes a more nuanced perspective to the issue of piracy, touching upon issues such as the current EU legislation concerning copyrights and the events surrounding the French Hadopi; loi Création et Internet.

Jeremie Zimmermann is co-founder of La Quadrature du Net (Squaring the Net), a citizen group informing about legislative projects menacing civil liberties as well as economic and social development in the digital age, and board member of April, a french NGO for promoting and defending Libre Software

Florent Latrive is journalist for Libération, and gained fame in free software circles with the publication ‘Good usage of piracy: free culture, open science’

Both talks are in French, and can be downloaded here:

Florent Latrive, 50 min, 178 mb, ogg/theora

Jeremie Zimmermann, 50 min, 178 mb, ogg/theora

Thanks to Cinema Nova

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