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HTML5, the next revision of the HyperText Mark-up Language, is supposed to open a new chapter in web design and web-based publishing. The support of multimedia content by self-explanatory video and audio tags will have major impact for developers, designers and content producers.
Most importantly, it allows the seamless integration of open-source encoded audio and video content into the native browser environment. Furthermore, it opens up exciting and yet unforeseeable possibilities to revaluate and to re-invent the rather peculiar relationships between text, sound and moving or still image.
The Open Video project will research into past and present open-source video implementations with the goal to develop an independent platform that explores the specific potentials of self-authored and self-managed, open-source video publishing initiatives against the backdrop of the overwhelming dominance of mass-media like content providers.

Open video calls for code developers, web designers and digital content producers.
Advising researcher: Florian Schneider

Research candidates can apply for a one-year or two-year research period starting annually on 1 January. It is also possible to apply to do research for a different period and with a different starting date.

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