Collaborative Online Video

Coming soon !

We’re happy to announce the upcoming Open Source Video Libre workshop + presentations around collective video distribution. The workshop consists of a series of hands on exercises in sharing (P2P) video, distributed editing and Content Management Systems for video sharing and archiving, and a series of evening presentations focusing on inventive practices of video-sharing. The workshop explores the possibilities of open source codecs, non lineair video browsing, collabortive working methods and collective approaches.

The workshop features both international and local guest artists, coders, video makers and media collectives. Amongst others: Domagoj Smoljo, Carmen Weisskopf, Shaina Anand, Adnan Hadzi /, Guy van Belle, Florian Schneider, Jan Gerber, Sebastian Luetgert, Hadrian Bnin-Bninski, Loïc Vanderstichelen, Andy Nicholson, Michael Murtaugh, 68septante, Vox, Miro.

On the Collaborative Video wiki you can find the up to date info.

You can download a PDF of the program here (65kb)

Here’s a flyer in pdf format announcing the weekend events in Nova-Cinema. (600kb)

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