Cinelerra presentation

Andraž Tori gave an introduction in Cinelerra. Here you can find a PDF of his presentation, touching upon basic principles of digital video, the capabilities of Cinelerra and optimisation of workflow. Andraž is a founding member of Kiberpipa, a Ljubljana based multi media center, working with open source tools; an important node in the Slovenian cybernetic community.
Kiberpipa is “promoting a creative and critical discourse of the culture of new media and current information and communication technologies, while also researching and encouraging the interaction between researchers, artists, multimedia activists and theoreticians. Our main goal is the promotion of multimedia literacy and digital awareness in an interested post-modern society through presentation and discourse on a very high level. The ultimate goal of our existence is the establishment of a platform for joint experimental research and development of new technologies and their implementation in the spheres of culture, art, science, technology and politics.”

Posted on: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 by: in category: Workshop Open Video Libre