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Bitnik + 68septante: copyleft film

Uploaded to is a full length one hour unedited recording of the session which took place in bookshop Quarantaine in Brussels on November 20, 2008 in the framework of the Collaborative Online Video workshop. Recorded by Bitnik Mediengruppe, the evening consisted of a Videotheque Nomade program compiled by 68septante. On television sets spread […]

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Collaborative Online Video

Coming soon ! We’re happy to announce the upcoming Open Source Video Libre workshop + presentations around collective video distribution. The workshop consists of a series of hands on exercises in sharing (P2P) video, distributed editing and Content Management Systems for video sharing and archiving, and a series of evening presentations focusing on inventive practices […]

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OVL Saturday: Miro

We spent some saturday afternoon time installing the current version 1.2 of the Internet tv application Miro. Christina installed it on her G4 Power mac running Mac OSX 10.4.10 and I updated at the same time an old version Beta on my Linux Ubuntu box. After a smooth upate from the Synaptic package manager […]

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workshop Command Line Video Editing

In the framework of Verbindingen / Jonctions , Michael Murtaugh made a workshop editing video from the command line in Actic, Brussels. A cookshow full of text based visual magick, examples of small scripts and inverted use of player functionalities. Look on Michaels wiki page which contains example code for encoding tools like ffmpeg and […]

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Constructing a video-computer

During the Open Video workshop members of Hacklab built a computer which is optimised for best performances with Cinelerra, following specifications on the Heroine Warrior and Cinelerra CV websites. We are working on a wiki documenting the construction of the 64 bit machine, links follow a.s.a.p. In the meantime here you can already see pictures […]

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Pirate Cinema Brussels

During the evenings of 15 – 18 february, Jan Gerber and Sebastian Luetgert programmed Pirate Cinema screenings in the backroom of café El Peñon. View some images or visit their website for more info on the project.

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Peer to peer distribution

The afternoon of sunday 18 february, the last day of the Open Video Libre workshop, Jan Gerber presented several online projects for sharing video. Amongst others, we had a look at P2P distribution, Democracy Player and V2V. BitTorrent BitTorrent is a method of distributing large amounts of data widely without the original distributor incurring the […]

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Cinelerra presentation

Andraž Tori gave an introduction in Cinelerra. Here you can find a PDF of his presentation, touching upon basic principles of digital video, the capabilities of Cinelerra and optimisation of workflow. Andraž is a founding member of Kiberpipa, a Ljubljana based multi media center, working with open source tools; an important node in the Slovenian […]

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Command line video editing

During the Open source Video workshop, Michael Murtaugh showed how to use the terminal as a powerful tool for video-editing. Here you can find a draft-PDF of his presentation, including some useful tricks, tips and commands. Check Michaels site for more about his work.

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Pictures workshop OVL

Pictures of the workshop Open source video organised by Constant 15 -18 februari in Brussels are now online. See the image gallery. There are images of assembling the video-machine …..

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