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Screencast FFMPEG with sound

To make a high quality screencast with sound from the soundcard. Great if you want to record for example a webpage that contains sound. system: Ubuntu 12.04 Record without sound, image size relative to dimensions of your screen: ffmpeg -f x11grab -s `xdpyinfo | grep ‘dimensions:’|awk ‘{print $2}’` -r 25 -i :0.0 -sameq output.mkv Record […]

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Cinelerra server @

During the Libre Graphics Research Unit that was organised by Constant in Brussels between 22 – 25 february 2012, Lisa Haskel talked about the Cinelerra server project connected to The idea is that multiple editors who all have the same assets on their local machines, share their edit decision lists:A simple way to make […]

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9 video splitscreen

A simple way to combine multiple video’s on one screen. We looked around for simple tools to make a splitscreen in multiple parts, not just two, but with more fragments, so that the final result would be a checkerboard with small video’s. Unexpectedly it was hard to find. Finally, turned out it is a job […]

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Projective HTML5 Video using Canvas API

Read original post on Narendra Sisodiya’s blog: TechFandu : Tips and Tricks in Computer “When I saw, Projective Texturing with Canvas by Steven Wittens, I was amazed.” “Yesterdaynight I was trying to same with Video using SVG. SVG has affine transformation but clipping part was difficult. So I modified the Original source code by […]

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raw1394 module … encore

After installing Ubuntu 9.04 from scratch, I have had some bad flashbacks to the zillion times this problem occurred before in previous sytem installations. Capturing in Kino / dvgrab does not work because the /dev/raw1394 module is not loaded and I, as a user, have no write permissions. I found the following post helpful. It […]

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Video tag with Cortado fallback

I used this extended video tag from to display Ogg/Theora video’s on my work blog. Works great. <video src=”” width=”352″ height=”288″> <applet code=”com.fluendo.player.Cortado.class” archive=”” width=”352″ height=”288″> <param name=”url” value=””/> </applet> </video>

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Crazed Cinelerra 1080P

Dealing with a new media format in Linux and Cinelerra is never easy. But if you have patience, it is very satisfying to get a project done that makes your friends say “Wow” or have a laugh. Cinelerra enthusiast the Mule bought himself a new Canon 5D still-image camera and posts findings of his experiments […]

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Tips for Transcoding Cinelerra Compatible Video with FFmpeg, MEncoder

Alexander Grundner is a San Francisco Peninsula based web publisher who likes to play with Linux in his free time. He posts some tips on transcoding video on his blog that might be helpfull for all you Cinelerra lovers. Thanks Doma

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Mapping AV streams to DVD

I edited a film in Cinelerra, and rendered it as a QTfor Linux file, settings: Sound ‘two complements’ Video ‘DV’ The soundtrack was exported seperately as Wav files, with exactly the same length. I wanted to replace the original sound with the soundtrack, and used ffmpeg to mux the files and convert them to a […]

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FOSS Codecs for Online Video

FOSS Codecs for Online Video: Usability, Uptake and Development An excellent overview of the best available tools for the creation, playback and embedding of online video using Free and Open Source Software video codecs, and a set of recommendations for development to enhance their adoption by social change video projects on the web. Input was […]

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