Big Buck Bunny

Big Buck Bunny is a new film produced by the Blender foundation, makers of The Elephants Dream. Big Buck Bunny is a funny little showcase of what Blender is capable of: rolling 3D eyeballs, an über realistic 3D spacious layout, high definition detailed imaging, flying camera pans … an enjoyable film although a bit manieristic in its effects and pretentious in its Wagnerian soundtrack: anyway, worth checking out if you want to learn how pestering turns even the sweetest bunny into a revenging jungle warrior. Many different file types and sizes can be found on the download page.
The film is under a Creative commons attribution share alike license, we’re looking much forward to the forthcoming mesh ups. It is made entirely with open source tools of which besides Gimp and Inkscape the most important is of course Blender. Rumor goes that for the next film the whole team will be female, to balance out the obvious gender inequality from which the current production crew is suffering.

Posted on: Saturday, July 5, 2008 by: in category: Films and Projects, News