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Testing SMIL

A first test with SMIL – Synchronized Multimedia Integration Language. It plays sounds and images on different timelines with the Helix Player. Try it. and open its source code for more info. Important: open it in Helix Player since some plugin may try to open it automatically (mplayer in my case) but they lack SMIL […]



Still in early stage of development but let’s keep an eye on it. About MetavidMetavid is a project which seeks to capture, stream, archive and facilitate real-time collective [re]mediation of government proceedings. Metavid makes use of entirely free and open source software and video codecs to make both the footage and the architecture of […]

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Below are images for each minute in the program.

[Enlarge] >> The website hosts collections of public domain movies. Before you download them, they give you an overview of the movie showing an image for each minute of the programme. A first step towards remote editing: if we have fragments, they can be easily edited to produce an animated gif. View online

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Licence + protection

As a follow-up to Jorge’s post. I think he is right in this: licence and enforcement are two separate things. Suppose a common scenario for documentaries. People accept that you film them because you have a certain relationship with them: they trust you. They trust that you will respect the meaning of their words and […]

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