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well as you see this list is not at all kept up to date in 2012/2013,

in 2013 there are several meetings with their own mailing lists, to keep updated, its best to follow them or to watch the calender of Constant


19-1-13 PD meeting[edit]

Loose notes from the day:

combining Raspberry pi - PD - camera us - stream

We have a raspberry pi that we would like to turn into a IP camera using a usb camera Logitech c 910

It would send out a stream using MJPEGstream, that can be captured in PD to be transformed and send into a stream again. This way we have a pure MJPEG stream and a stream with treated images.


(update: No more regular meetings from June onwards! Meetings will be anounced through mailinglist : and [calendar of Constant]

Meetings are every last thursday of the month between 19:00 and 21:00 in the lab:

Variable Libre Video Lab (2nd floor) Rue Gallait 80 1030 Schaarbeek Brussels

Source(s): Meetings

26 july[edit]

Kdenlive worksession anouncement here:

see also notes of previous meeting (

- kdenlive proxy editing works for some, not for all

- future meetings, what to look at after the summer / next year ?

- ....

28 june[edit]

Kdenlive worksession

Notes from the meeting are in an etherpad page with you can find here:


3 December[edit]

Verbindingen/Jonctions 13 festival

22 september[edit]

intimate screening,

info here:,_September_2011

10 Septembre[edit]

Opening Open Source Video Studio in Constant's new: Open workhouse !

9 July[edit]

Screening of Open Source movies ?

What about bringing films we all worked on, that are in the public domain or published CC, and organise a screening event somewhere. ?

28 May[edit]

Collective work moment We work on our own projects, use each others input to go one step beyond.

There will be a lunch with the members of the Samedies ( who have a meeting scheduled in the morning. so you're welcome a bot earlier then the usual 14:00

Bring your computer, project files, questions and good spirit! Oh and something to contribute to the lunch ...

We'll talk a bit about the upcoming studio space!

16 April[edit]

Remix video

Creating mash ups, - look at examples:


others ?:

ways to work: - Scripts ? (for ideas: have a look at cookbook of MM: )

- making playlists in Active Archives ?

12 March[edit]

Kdenlive Splitscreening

MM will bring this Kdenlive project:

Some useful links:


* Get live distributions and packages

We didn't look at Cinelerra today, but here are the links:


Cinelerra , the Community Version: (try installing this one)

* Get live distributions and packages

Cinelerra the Heroine Warrior Version:

Some Manuals:

Best updated one, some holes in the advanced section:

Old school, still good, some parts are outdated:

Best manual to start with:

29 January 2011: Splits, boxes, frames[edit]


4 december 2010: Non Linear Editing on Linux[edit]

27_november_2010: + Active Archives[edit]

23_october_2010:_PureDataVideo [edit]

11 september 2010: Motion + Video4Linux [edit]

31 July 2010: file conversion [edit]

June 2010 : Show and tell [edit]

May 2010: Basic editing using commandline tools.[edit]