Video tag with Cortado fallback

I used this extended video tag from to display Ogg/Theora video’s on my work blog. Works great.

<video src=”” width=”352″ height=”288″>
<applet code=”com.fluendo.player.Cortado.class” archive=”
/cortado.jar” width=”352″ height=”288″>
<param name=”url” value=””/>

The code allows browsers that support the HTML5 video tag to play the video. It also provides a fallback for browsers that do not support (Theora playback through) the videotag; The video will be played using the Cortado Java applet. More detailed info can be found in the Theora Cookbook.

The above image shows what the video looks like in Firefox 3.5 with HTML5 support. The following image shows what it looks like when the Cortado applet plays the video in Firefox 3.0 without HTML5 support.


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