The Digital Tipping Point

Lena ZunigaProof of concept

The Digital Tipping Point crew describes their project as a Point-of-View (POV) documentary film about the rapidly growing global shift to open source software, and the effects that massive wave of technological change will have on literacy, art, and culture around the world.

The DTP crew says their project will be the first feature length documentary about free open source software to be built in an open source fashion out of video submitted to the Internet Archive.

The DTP crew has shot over 300 hours of footage of leading politicians, CEOs, and software developers from all over the world, and is now releasing this footage to the Internet Archive community under a Creative Commons Attribute-ShareAlike license.

The DTP crew invites you to take their video and rip, mix and burn it however you like, for whatever purpose you like. You can even use the footage for your own commercial film, as long as you release your final product under a Creative Commons Attribute-ShareAlike license.

Of course, The DTP crew asks you to consider joining their film effort, and contribute your edits, transcriptions, translations, animations, and music to the main DTP film effort, but please feel free to make your own video as well. The DTP crew hopes that their footage will spawn many films to be shown twice a year at open source software conferences such as OScon in Portland, Orgeon, and the FISL conference in Brazil.

At the moment, the project looks like a collaborative effort for open source propaganda. I, personnally, would be interested to see how this kind of project could deal with contradictions and conflicting points of view. Very interesting to follow, anyways. Check also the video how-to’s section of their forum.

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