Testing Smil 2

A first look at the SMIL language tricked me into a test to see how SMIL allows simultanous / parallel playback of different moments from the same file.
I worked with this uploaded audiofile it is a straightforward interview, borrowed from Apo33.

First, I made this .smi file. Open it in Helix or Real player. It loops the first two seconds of the interview seven times, and at the same time it also loops the first seven seconds twice. Great!

To make it a bit more complex, I tried another file which does all of the following simultaneously:
– It plays the first seven seconds of the file,
– It repeats the first two seconds three times,
– it plays the 30th to the 35th second of the file and repeats this 4 times,
– it plays the 43rd to the 45th second,
– starting on the second second, it plays the 42nd to the 44th second,
– starting on the third second, it plays the 41st to the 43rd second,
– starting in the 4th second, it plays the 39th to the 41st second,
– starting on the 5th second, it plays the 37th to the 39th second.

Open the resulting .smi file in Helix or Real.
Yes, a bit manieristic / Bohemian Rhapsody, but fun!
It seems there are obvious problems with layering a file in this way; bandwith, the file needs a lot of buffer time. Playing it with a local file already helps a lot. To be sorted out.

Posted on: Monday, May 15, 2006 by: in category: Software