Remuxer cut cut

When you don’t feel like playing around with complicated editing software but you need straight forward rocket fast video cutting, try trimming your clip with this script.
You can set an in- and outpoint and make a new file of the selected area.
It works with Theora video + Ogg soundfiles.
It’s a python script on top of Gstreamer, so see to it that you have those installed.

From Valentina Messeri on the al-jwarizmi mailing list :

to the people who want to test this .py script

just download

then type :
$ python

Only simple cutting edition, but very usefull when normal theora
editor (as cinelerra) fails



I tried the script on some video’s, and I love it
This kind of work I do often and this simple two click viewer interface makes choosing the exact in / outpoints easy.

See below a small Theora (.ogg) test clip I made:
Before having done anything:

and here, a fragment, trimmed with the remuxer script

Find a log with all versions of remuxer here:
Nicolas, thanks for the tip —

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