Psycho theora


Working with Ogg/theora encoded videofiles in Cinelerra does not always result in clean films, but sometimes produces errors in the coding. Based on this defect I am producing some clips that try to use the generated defects as a visual effect.

Click here or on the image below for a video-snippet. This linked ogg videofile is a render of 16 non-transparant videolayers in a Cinelerra timeline. The areas of the video that contain most motion are affected while rendering and expose the layer below. The more layers the more abstract the effect.
For this clip I used a fragment from the open source Valkaama film project.


Best view: download (16mb) and play in VLC

I am guessing the corruption is related to absent key-frames but to be honoust I don’t know exactly what causes the defect. Will digg in a bit further.

Posted on: Monday, May 4, 2009 by: in category: Films and Projects