Reenacting The Liberation of Our People

From Artist Mark Tribe organised a public reenactment of a speech originally given by activist and Black Panther Party member Angela Davis at DeFremery Park in Oakland, California on November 12, 1969. Davis makes the case for a united movement that links imperialism abroad with domestic oppression. She calls for the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Vietnam, for the release of domestic political prisoners, and for the defeat and humiliation of the US Government. Sheilagh Brooks, an Oakland-based actor and community organizer, delivered the speech on location in DeFremery Park on August 2, 2008.

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After hearing enthusiastic reports of colleagues who saw a demonstration of Toonloop during the Libre Graphics Meeting, I was curious to find out more. I installed it, worked a bit with it, and I have to say: not often am I thrilled by new software for video on GNU-Linux, but this time: Ooh yes!
Toonloop could easily become my favorite tool for capturing images.

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Technology Archivists step in as Google Video shuts down for good

(From Wired)

Google is sending its first video-sharing service to the scrapheap. On 29 April, 2011, files hosted on Google Video will no longer play, and on 13 May the service will be shut down entirely when all its videos will be wiped from the web.
Full article

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Code Rush

(1) wikipedia:
Code Rush is a 1998 documentary following the lives of a group of Netscape engineers in Silicon Valley. It was shot during a time of flagging company fortunes, the initial release of the Mozilla code as an open source project, and the friction of an impending AOL-Netscape merger. The documentary depicts Netscape programmers forgoing their normal lives and families in an attempt to save the company from ruin.

(2) Project Coderush:

David Winton’s documentary covering the first release of Netscape source code in 1998, the foundation of the Mozilla project. In July 2009, Winton relicensed the film under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Under the creative commons license .3, the producers of Code Rush, which aired in 2000, are making available all the original footage shot for the film, over 100 hours, along with searchable transcripts.

(3) Downloads:
Full film on Vidler
Full film on Vimeo
Full Film on Blip
Full film on Megaupload
Footage on
Footage on
Footage on Vimeo

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Webm in – H264 out


“The WebM project – a VP8 video stream and a Vorbis audio stream wrapped in a Matroska container re-branded as a WebM container – launched by Google, openly supported by every major chip maker, is going to be the major codec for Google’s Chrome web browser. Yes, Google is dropping H264 support from the Chrome web browser.”

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ERG Séminaire: Wajcman


Gérard Wajcman (F) jeudi 03 février 2011, 10h30
École de recherche graphique, 87 rue du Page – Bruxelles

Ecrivain, psychanalyste, maître de conférences au département de psychanalyse de l’Université Paris 8, dirige le Centre d’Étude d’Histoire et de Théorie du Regard. Il est l’auteur notamment de : Le Maître et l’Hystérique, Navarin/Le Seuil, 1982 ; L’interdit, Denoël, 1986 ; Nous, 2002 ; L’objet du siècle, Verdier, 1998 ; Arrivée, départ, Nous, 2002 ; Collection, Nous, 1999, 2003 ; Fenêtre, chroniques du regard et de l’intime, Verdier, 2004. Gérard Wajcman a récemment publié : L’oeil Absolu, Denoel, 2010.
L’oeil absolu

Depuis la vidéosurveillance jusqu’aux balayages satellitaires de la planète, en passant par l’imagerie médicale et la télé-réalité, d’innombrables dispositifs s’acharnent à nous rendre intégralement visibles et transparents. Plus que dans une civilisation de l’image, nous sommes désormais dans une civilisation du regard. On surveillait jadis les criminels, aujourd’hui on surveille surtout les innocents. Pour la politique sécuritaire, nous sommes tous des dommages collatéraux. Mais au-delà de la surveillance, ce regard global infiltre aujourd’hui tous les domaines de nos vies, de la naissance à la mort. La transparence n’est pas qu’une affaire sociale, elle vise aussi le privé de nos maisons et l’intérieur de nos corps, dissolvant chaque jour un peu plus l’espace de l’intime et du secret .

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html 5 video in wordpress


I am trying a few plugins for embedding html5 videotag in WordPress. Above is a .ogv playing natively with the help of the degradable-html5-audio-and-video plugin.

The idea of the Degradable is sympathetic:

The plugin enables HTML5 native playback for users with compatible browsers while offering an elegant degradation to other users through very lightweight *Flash* players. For HTML5 playback, it auto-detects and offers different alternatives, or degrades to Flash, and (failing even that) to download links.

In my firefox 3.6.1 browser, the .ogv is well supported. If I force firefox to choose the .m4v file then nothing happens. On my Android it is difficult to see the video: The native browser shows nothing, no html5 support, no flash. In Opera mini for Android: no html5, no flash, but I do get a possibility offered to download the video’s. The link for direct download does work.


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Splitscreen Kdenlive

A bit jealous of Michaels beautiful Royal Splitscreen Xmas film,
I ran a small test myself of the description how to produce a split screen in Kdenlive.


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For immediate redistribution

20 open source movies, that can immediately be re-edited and -distributed.


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Vrolijk Kerstfeest / Joyeux Noël

Vrolijk Kerstfeest / Joyeux Noël from Michael Murtaugh on Vimeo.

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