Matt Mason: cash + piracy


Attended this nice talk by Matt Mason at the Open Video Conference.

Listen or download this recording in ogg/vorbis

Mason wrote the Pirate’s Dillema and his talk was basically an outline of that book. He speaks about the remix as marketing tool, an wonders how business models can be developed after the model of piracy. What will happen to Nike when we will be able to download 3D printers that can print sneakers? And what is the future of the 3D printer market once 3D printers will be able to print out 3D printers?

Ideas that started within punk, disco, hip-hop, rave, graffiti and gaming have been combined with new technologies and taken to new heights by the generations that grew up under their influence. The Pirate’s Dilemma uncovers, for the first time, the trends that transformed underground scenes into burgeoning global industries and movements, ultimately changing life as we know it, unraveling some of our most basic assumptions about business, society and our collective future.

see a flash slidecast here

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