Mapping AV streams to DVD

I edited a film in Cinelerra, and rendered it as a QTfor Linux file, settings: Sound ‘two complements’ Video ‘DV’
The soundtrack was exported seperately as Wav files, with exactly the same length.
I wanted to replace the original sound with the soundtrack, and used ffmpeg to mux the files and convert them to a dvd compatible MPEG file at the same time.

ffmpeg -i '/path/A.mpg' -i '/path/B.wav' -target dvd '/path/C.mpg' -map 0:0 -map 1:0

A.mpg is the videofile, B.wav is the soundtrack. Using the -map option allows choosing which video- and audiostreams are used in the output file.
-map 0:0 means: inputfile 0 (the first in line in the command) should be used in outputfile 0 (the first outputfile in the command)
-map 1:0 means: inputfile 1 (second in line) to be used in outputfile 0.
This combinesA and B in one file, and ignores the audio of A.mpg

The -target dvd option applies standard values to the encoding, and guesses for Pal / NTSC based on the detected framerate. A simple way to fuse muxing and transcoding to dvd compatible mpeg.

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