Starwars Uncut

“Hello! You and 472 other people have the chance to recreate Star Wars: A New Hope. Below is the entire movie split up into 15 second clips. Click on one of the scenes to claim it, film it, and upload it. You can have up to three scenes! When we’re all done, we’ll stitch it all together and watch the magic happen. ”

Go to Starwars Uncut website

Claim quickly: Star Wars Uncut is 99% complete!

Starwars Uncut is set up by Casey Pugh . Find a nice interview with Casey here.

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Magic Lantern os firmware


(Probably old) News for owners of a Canon Eos 5d Mark II camera who want to use their still image camera as a videocamera, there is the open source firmware upgrade MagicLantern. Installing ML gives the choice to boot the camera into either the Canon factory software or the firmware.

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Recommended hardware 2

Recommendations from the wiki of Cinelerra-CV
“Cinelerra is demanding on all PC subsystems, as reading, decoding and playing video can be quite taxing. Thus, performance and usability of Cinelerra are directly proportional to the video format (SVCD/DV/HDV/HD/etc) used and the CPU and I/O bus speeds and video and memory bus architecture of your hardware. Therefore, it stands to reason that a less powerful system will be sufficient for users working with audio only or lower resolution video formats. However, that same system may slow down considerably when playing back a higher resolution format, such as DV video. Effects and several tracks of audio will compound these problems. Given these constraints, here are some suggestions for running Cinelerra:”
Read here Cinlerra hardware requirements

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Cinelerra recommends the following hardware:

We found this dual dual core Opteron with 128 bit, interleaved memory to be years ahead of anything else. It compresses MPEG-4 HDTV in realtime. The key is separate memory busses for each processor. Be aware most cheap motherboards share the memory bus of one processor with both processors.

Double Dual Core Opteron
4 Gig RAM
500 GB SATA drive
Tyan motherboard
Gigabit ethernet

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Everything old is new again…

HMMMM… the continuing legacy of patented video compression. But now rather than the David vs. Goliath of Theora/ vs. MPEG LA it’s Google vs. MPEG-LA. Interesting though how this coverage in the main stream technology press doesn’t even once mention free software, nor even open source. What’s also not discussed is the relation to hardware (and the fact that Google has the potential power to push VP10 hardware acceleration into Android-based technology). And perhaps it’s Xiph strikes back if Daala can gain support as a “networked” codec.

UPDATE: Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, Cisco, Intel, Netflix, and Amazon today launched a new consortium, the Alliance for Open Media

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Cinelerra-CV Floss-Manual

Floss Manuals francophone has published a manual about the open-source professional video-editing software Cinelerra. The publication is available for download as PDF or Epub on the website of Floss Manuals, a printed version will be available soon. The publication was written and edited during a Libérathon (booksprint).


Target audience
The intention of the publisher was to produce a book that is easily accessible for a french-speaking audience of starting video makers who are looking for free-software alternatives to the commercial packages that dominate both art schools and the audio-visual market.
The targeted reader is familiar with the basic principles of digital video-editing but has no or little experience with Cinelerra or other open-source tools for video-editing. The book offers a first encounter with a well matured professional software with some very special characteristics.

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Kids test Toonloop

Two small video’s to show the fun kid of the Prinses Paolaschool in Molenbeek / Brussels had while testing the live stop-motion software Toonloop. Toonloop developer Alexandre Quessy was guest at BEAM, the Multi-Media Atelier of JES Brussels.

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Toonloop performance

On the occasion of Libre Graphics Unit, Alexandre Quessy demonstrated Toonloop, the open source animation software he develops in FoAM in Brussels on friday 24, 2012.

Here’s a video impression of the evening:

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Open Source Video ?

On 22 september, we showed some films in our freshly opened Libre Video Lab, which is part of Constant Variable, Constant’s new lab building dedicated to F/LOSS art, on Rue Gallait 80 in Schaarbeek, Brussels.

We showed some video’s that were in their own way give meaning to the ‘open’ in ‘open source’ video. The shorts Interdit de filmer; Une Mer; Headwar and Pov Mec; by Sarah Pleak, aka Sarah Tohn are made using free softwares such as Kino and Cinelerra and open source codecs and are available under a free license (from:


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Lightworks OS in progress

From the Lightworks website

“As we announced in 2010, our commitment is to make Lightworks an Open Source project. Naturally, there are many legal issues and complications in doing so with a product that has over 20 years’ history.”

“We’re happy to report that we are making huge strides towards completing porting Lightworks to Linux and Mac OSX and we’re aiming to have the first beta release available on 19th December 2011.”

“Free Members will continue to have unrestricted access to the free version of Lightworks and access to the Lightworks Community, with some limitations. Every current registered user will automatically become a Free Member.”

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