Cortado test


A small step for mankind, but a considerable one for me. After having deliberately neclected the subject for a long time, I decided something finally needed to be done about the disfunctional media plugin situation on the videopage of my website. I implemented the Cortado Java applet in the pages linked from this page which contain video-content.

Cortado is a free software under the GPL. By embedding this applet in your website, you can give viewers access to streams from either the Flumotion streaming server or play a local file from your server without the need for a locally installed media player supporting the correct formats on the visitor’s computer.

If transcoding video’s to several formats to serve your audience’s viewing pleasures is not your favorite hobby and if you prefer to provide Ogg Theora files to a broad audience, this looks like a charming way to work around platform- and format specific plugins and or media players. Java needs to be installed on the client side, if this is not allready the case; Sun java (mozilla) pluging, Sun java runtime and – web start can be installed probably through your Linux application manager. That should do it. I made a testpage with only a short clip.
This page consists of the simplest code thinkable:


Cortado is developed by Fluendo as part of their Flumotion Open Source streaming solution.
Instructions and explanations how to work with Cortado are given in the Read me file You can download Cortado from this website.

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