Collaborative Media with Drupal + Final Cut Pro XML

Found on the website of the echochamber project (an open source, investigative documentary about how the television news media became an uncritical echo chamber to the Executive Branch leading up to the war in Iraq):

Because Final Cut Pro supports XML, you are no longer limited to creating clips, bins, and sequences within Final Cut Pro. This means you can create your own Final Cut Pro projects outside of Final Cut Pro, using any software or platform you want, as long as you generate a valid Final Cut Pro XML file.

Drupal+final cut XML=echochamber project

* Transcribe my film interviews
* Chop the interviews into sound bites both in the transcribed text as well in a Final Cut Pro sequence.
* Develop a Drupal Module to associate each piece of sound bite text to a unique URL node in Drupal.
* Export the XML data from Final Cut Pro (specifically the IN and OUT points of sound bites along with the master file name)
* Parse the XML data into a standard database format. (either with Drupal or through third-party database software).
* Develop a Drupal Module to import the XML metadata into MySQL associated with the sound bite nodes.
* Collect a lot of metadata on the clips from users, create ways for stringing soundbites together in Drupal
* Export valid XML from Drupal to plug back into Final Cut Pro in order to watch the collaboratively edited sequences.

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