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Two screen / dual-head set up

Super handy when working with a timeline / viewer editing software is a set up with several screens. I am busy with an elaborate project in Cinelerra, and scrolling through an endless timeline in a too small window is the last thing I need. A widescreen setup and being able to drag files from one […]

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Firewire problem 2: solved

Trying to analyse why my firewirecard does not detect my camera: the ieee card seems to be recognised: I used lspci (man lspci describes lspci as “a utility for displaying information about all PCI buses in the system and all devices connected to them. It shows a brief list of devices”). ~$ lspci | grep […]

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Firewire problem 1

I have been using Kino and Cinelerra for almost a year. Until now, I never had to export video to tape. At this moment I am working on a video project that requires me to do that, so I have been trying to get the export settings in Kino to work. Replacing the default dv1394 […]

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Video camera & FireWire (IEE1394)

A common problem with fire wire capturing is that the raw1394 (capturing) and dv1394 (export) modules do not start up at boot. This can be solved. This post on the BXLUG website explains how to make a small script that will load the firewire modules at start up. In an open terminal for root, […]

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