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FLOSS Manuals is a collection of manuals that explain how to install and use a range of free and open source software. The manuals are friendly and simple, and they are intended to encourage people to explore the wide range of free, open source alternatives to expensive and restrictively licensed software. now hosts great […]

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Animated Route in Cinelerra

Have a look at this excellent explanation of how to achieve something so simple, yet complicated as visualising a line that moves from A to B, by our favorite Cinelerra hacker the Mule. The wackiest bit in this guide is a project in itself: how to the customise shadewipes in Cinelerra, which is well described […]

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Article: Blender, working in 3d

Sumit Sarkar, a visual artist whose character based artwork takes the form of digital and canvas paintings, digital sculpture, and aerosol art, was invited to write Blender: working in 3d for the Digital Artists Handbook. The article offers a helping hand to anybody who would like to start working with Blender. Written by an artist […]

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Article: Video editing with OS tools

“Video editing with open source tools”, a new article written by Valentina Messeri and Eleonora Oreggia, has been added to the Digital Artists Handbook. After a quick-step through the most common workflow (capture, edit, manipulate, export), the article ‘showcases’ quite a number of available FLOSS video softwares, mostly for time-line editing, which is quite useful […]

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2008: Man with a movie camera

Image left: Vertov, image right uploaded by Jerome Ming, Hanoi Man With a Movie Camera: The Global Remake is a participatory video-work to which people around the world are invited to contribute by capturing videos that interpret the original shots of Vertov’s film Man With A Movie Camera and upload them to the website. The […]

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Your Own Private Pirate TV Station

On thursday 20-11-08 members of media collective !Mediengruppe Bitnik gave a workshop demonstrating how to quickly build a short range Television station from readymade electronic parts that are easily available in your local electronics store. Building the broadcast station allows you to broadcast through the ether, the broadcast can be received on TV’s or VHS […]

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Cinelerra is a she

When you follow the OSvideo blog and other sites on video, you will probably have noticed that video often is a predominantly male domain where guys like to revel in tech-talk about hardware, devices, or cunning code hacks. Thanks to Raffaella Traniello and the The Newbies’ front of Cinelerra we are reminded that our favorite […]

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Crazed Cinelerra 1080P

Dealing with a new media format in Linux and Cinelerra is never easy. But if you have patience, it is very satisfying to get a project done that makes your friends say “Wow” or have a laugh. Cinelerra enthusiast the Mule bought himself a new Canon 5D still-image camera and posts findings of his experiments […]

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Tips for Transcoding Cinelerra Compatible Video with FFmpeg, MEncoder

Alexander Grundner is a San Francisco Peninsula based web publisher who likes to play with Linux in his free time. He posts some tips on transcoding video on his blog that might be helpfull for all you Cinelerra lovers. Thanks Doma

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Open Movie Editor blog

Check out the (relatively) new blog: Open Movie Editor News by Open Video enthousiast and developer of the open source video-editor Open Movie Editor Richard Spindler. Open Movie Editor is a video-editing software for Linux which can be downloaded here Some nifty tips and articles on the blog; among others Richard has been fiddling with […]

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