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To look for instructions for how to get a certain card working, a report on the audio and video quality of a working card, check:


Constructing a video-computer

During the Open Video workshop members of Hacklab built a computer which is optimised for best performances with Cinelerra, following specifications on the Heroine Warrior and Cinelerra CV websites. We are working on a wiki documenting the construction of the 64 bit machine, links follow a.s.a.p. In the meantime here you can already see pictures […]

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Recommended hardware 2

Recommendations from the wiki of Cinelerra-CV “Cinelerra is demanding on all PC subsystems, as reading, decoding and playing video can be quite taxing. Thus, performance and usability of Cinelerra are directly proportional to the video format (SVCD/DV/HDV/HD/etc) used and the CPU and I/O bus speeds and video and memory bus architecture of your hardware. Therefore, […]


ATI versus Nvidia

This article appeared on the FSF site. Unlike us, Richard Stallman seems to have quite a clear opinion about graphic cards. He protested during a speech of an ATI representative, holding up this B+W consumers advice: Richard says: No ATI! published an interview with Stallman in which he says:



I also just read some mails from the cinelerra mailinglist and the new version 2.1 is useing OpenGL for some effects and video rendering. Since some of the OpenGL functions that are used are only available with NVidias drivers it might be needed or advisable to get a good graphic card with nvidia chip for […]


Firewire problem 2: solved

Trying to analyse why my firewirecard does not detect my camera: the ieee card seems to be recognised: I used lspci (man lspci describes lspci as “a utility for displaying information about all PCI buses in the system and all devices connected to them. It shows a brief list of devices”). ~$ lspci | grep […]

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Firewire problem 1

I have been using Kino and Cinelerra for almost a year. Until now, I never had to export video to tape. At this moment I am working on a video project that requires me to do that, so I have been trying to get the export settings in Kino to work. Replacing the default dv1394 […]

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Video camera & FireWire (IEE1394)

A common problem with fire wire capturing is that the raw1394 (capturing) and dv1394 (export) modules do not start up at boot. This can be solved. This post on the BXLUG website explains how to make a small script that will load the firewire modules at start up. In an open terminal for root, […]

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Cinelerra recommends the following hardware:

RECOMMENDED SYSTEM We found this dual dual core Opteron with 128 bit, interleaved memory to be years ahead of anything else. It compresses MPEG-4 HDTV in realtime. The key is separate memory busses for each processor. Be aware most cheap motherboards share the memory bus of one processor with both processors. Double Dual Core Opteron […]