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Interview Raffaella Traniello

Raffaella Traniello is a Venice based videolover and teacher. She is an active member of the Cinelerra and Lumièra communities and worked on several handbooks that testify of her enthusiasm for working with free software. Following Q+A attempts to unfold some of her energetic activities.

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2008: Man with a movie camera

Image left: Vertov, image right uploaded by Jerome Ming, Hanoi Man With a Movie Camera: The Global Remake is a participatory video-work to which people around the world are invited to contribute by capturing videos that interpret the original shots of Vertov’s film Man With A Movie Camera and upload them to the website. The […]

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Between shared practices ….

Towards new modes of creating documentary: between shared practices, normalisation and diversification is the title of this years professional days taking place in the framework of documentary festival Cinema du Reel hosting two panels around online sharing. In this context, the morning session: In search of new practices: production and distribution of open source video, […]

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CC Al Jazeera

Launch Press Release: Al Jazeera Announces Launch of Free Footage under Creative Commons License Doha Qatar – January 13, 2009: Al Jazeera Network today announced the world’s first repository of broadcast quality video footage released under the ‘Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution’ license. Select Al Jazeera video footage – at this time footage of the War […]

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Bitnik + 68septante: copyleft film

Uploaded to is a full length one hour unedited recording of the session which took place in bookshop Quarantaine in Brussels on November 20, 2008 in the framework of the Collaborative Online Video workshop. Recorded by Bitnik Mediengruppe, the evening consisted of a Videotheque Nomade program compiled by 68septante. On television sets spread […]

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Collaborative Online Video

Coming soon ! We’re happy to announce the upcoming Open Source Video Libre workshop + presentations around collective video distribution. The workshop consists of a series of hands on exercises in sharing (P2P) video, distributed editing and Content Management Systems for video sharing and archiving, and a series of evening presentations focusing on inventive practices […]

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Workshop CIN XML SVN

During the last week a small group of people have been working with at Deckspace, Greenwhich on setting up a system for collaborative video. Building on the proposals by the Echo chamber project to connect Final Cut Pro’s output XML to Drupal, thought has been spent on creating a system involving the XML output […]

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OpenCut contest

OpenCut claims to be a ‘completely open-source’ film competition designed to encourage people to take professionally shot material and edit it in their own way. It is organised by the Red company, producers of camera systems, and in that light we should understand that the true goal of the contest is to advertise their products. […]

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Stray Cinema

Stray Cinema is an open content filmproject. The idea behind it is that people from all over the world can download and re-edit raw footage, they make different films using the same footage. The films are then uploaded and voted on by the community. Stray Cinema organises ‘real world’ screenings of the top five films. […]

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Then you win A sympathetic documentary project in the making: Then you win is an open content project by France based organisations Loin de l’Œil and Yooook. Check the FAQ for more concrete info. Ekta Parishad is a mass movement based on Gandhian principle – organized in October 2007 the “Janadesh”, the largest non-violent gathering in India […]

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