Removal of Ogg Vorbis and Theora from HTML5

In a previous post, we were enthusiastic about the new developments of html5 that would include the video tag and its implementation in the royalty-free format ogg/vorbis. But:

“As some of you may be aware, the WHATWG has dropped the recommendation for Theora and Vorbis in the video/audio section of the HTML 5 specification. Many believe it’s due to pressure from Nokia and Apple and, while that may be correct, it’s only the tip of the iceberg.”

Read the article on spreadopensourcemedia that sums up quite well the whole issue.

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Toonloop performance

On the occasion of Libre Graphics Unit, Alexandre Quessy demonstrated Toonloop, the open source animation software he develops in FoAM in Brussels on friday 24, 2012.

Here’s a video impression of the evening:

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Open Source Body

Laïa Sadurni carried out a ‘Open Source Body’ workshop in the framework of Constant’s contribution to the 2012 Artefact festival in STUK Leuven. Below a link to some rough video material.

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Cinelerra server @

During the Libre Graphics Research Unit that was organised by Constant in Brussels between 22 – 25 february 2012, Lisa Haskel talked about the Cinelerra server project connected to The idea is that multiple editors who all have the same assets on their local machines, share their edit decision lists:A simple way to make collaboration on a editing project possible.

Here’s the audio recording of the talk:

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After hearing enthusiastic reports of colleagues who saw a demonstration of Toonloop during the Libre Graphics Meeting, I was curious to find out more. I installed it, worked a bit with it, and I have to say: not often am I thrilled by new software for video on GNU-Linux, but this time: Ooh yes!
Toonloop could easily become my favorite tool for capturing images.

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ffmpeg2theora 0.26 released

(fwd from Theora list:

ffmpeg2theora 0.26 is out –

Some changes that went into this release:
* use a/v sync from input container
this should fix many issues that came up with variable framerates
* include metadata from source in –info json output
* update fmpeg
* update libkate
* OggIndex support, can be enabled with –seek-index
* update GPL to version 3

svn co

Linux 32bit
Linux 64bit
Mac OS X

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Video tag with Cortado fallback

I used this extended video tag from to display Ogg/Theora video’s on my work blog. Works great.

<video src=”” width=”352″ height=”288″>
<applet code=”com.fluendo.player.Cortado.class” archive=”
/cortado.jar” width=”352″ height=”288″>
<param name=”url” value=””/>


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Zittrain: Here Comes Everybody


An ogg/vorbis bootleg recording of Jonathan Zittrain’s talk Here Comes Everybody. In this entertaining yet serious speech Zittrain addresses social political aspects of video on the web, the need to consider local mesh network strategies, the power of ISP’s. Where is ‘here’ in the cloud of the web? What is the positive and negative potential of mass scale availability of workforce on the web?

Jonathan Zittrain is co-director and co-founder of Harvard’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society and a professor at Harvard Law School. Among his areas of expertise are cyberlaw, security, and copyright law. His book The Future of the Internet—And How To Stop It is about generative technology like the internet and how it promotes innovation and disruption. As controlled devices like iPods and Tivos grow in popularity, we face worrisome consequences for the net’s future potential for user participation.

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Pirate Bay interview


This is an audio recording of the long distance interview with Peter Sunde of the Pirate Bay by Xeni Jardin that concluded the Open Video Conference. Introduction by Alan Toner.

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Copy Remix Steal


Here’s an audio recording of the discussion by the (co)directors of three of the best known documentaries about filesharing: Henrik Moltke (Good Copy Bad Copy), Bratt Gaylor (RIP A Remix manifesto) and Jamie King (Steal this film) that took place during the Open Video Conference

Does making a film about sharing mean you should yourself share the film you’re making?

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